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Implemented in Director by

Prof. William A. Prothero

University of California, Santa Barbara

Dept. of Geological Sciences

Santa Barbara, CA. 93106

Link to the "Fishing Game",


The Fishbanks game was developed by Dennis Meadows, of theLaboratory for Interactive Learning, P.O. Box 844, Durham, NH 03824. I felt that this was a wonderful game that could allow students to experience the "tragedy of the commons", and the way human nature leads us to look at the short term, and in so doing, can destroy resources critical for long term survival. The original Fishbanks game and software can be obtained directly from Dennis Meadows at: An expanded version of the game authored by me and based on Fishbanks, pits a single player against two virtual fishing companies. Each of four different management scenarios are selected and played. A modeling tool enables players to determine the optimun management parameters, such as length of fishing season, percentage of area for marine reserves, or catch share (depending on the management scenario). The game results and answers to pre and post questions are emailed to the instructor at the end of the game. This makes it an ideal homework assignment.

Play the new single user Fishing Game, with multiple management scenarios <link>


Figure 1: It's pretty obvious how to use this. The "Rules of Game" button takes you to a slide show that is useful to project for students when introducing the game. You can also change the slide show. I'll explain how to do that later.

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