EarthEd Online is an NSF funded project to support inquiry Earth Science inquiry education. The focus is on the use of real earth data and science writing.

EarthEdOnline Newsletter <read the pdf>

EarthEd is written using a rich client model, in Adobe Director. This model allows for enhanced features that couple the desktop with server storage and database functionality.

  • Dissemination Schedule <link>
  • New Users Info <link>
  • Powerpoint presentation about EarthEd and calibrated peer review <link>
  • Evaluating writing in EarthEd: a ppt by Greg Kelly, PI on the project <link>
  • EarthEd Online controlled vocabulary <link>

Components of EarthEd:

  • Integrated data access, display and image capture modules
  • Online writing including instructor graded writing and calibrated peer review
  • Course management features that include:
    • student login
    • on demand grade calculation
    • online, auto-graded homework problems
    • manual assignment grade entry
    • image editing and management
  • Other features:
    • automatic software updating
  • Teacher features:
    • grades export in csv format
    • bar code grade entry
    • shared assignments library
    • easy email to selected student or entire class

Updated: August 12, 2006 6:02 PM

Funding from National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, and UCSB Office of Instructional Development 
Contact: prothero at