Data Links for Climate CPR Paper:

Note: There are a LOAD of resources on global warming. I suggest that you browse the links below and find the ones that fit your needs the best. You don't need to use every link, as there is a lot of redundancy, but every link has unique features.

Please Google on Global Warming, or Paleoclimate to access the many sites that address this issue.

EPA Global Warming Site Comprehensive information about global warming, by the US Environmental Protection agency. Last updated in October 2002.
Earth Observatory News This is a great site that contains the latest news. You can collect data and images here. Be sure to browse the "NASA News Archive" to find current science about global warming.
Exploring Weather & Climate Through the Powers of 10 Access to both paleoclimate and current climate data and information.
NOAA Paleoclimatology NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Lots of great slides and information on the paleoclimate.
FAQs re Global Warming This site has a lot of good information on how present day climate changes compare to paleoclimate changes. Good discussions of the data and issues that would affect the validity of interpretations and predictions.
What's up with the Weather? This is the PBS site that illustrates the pro and con views of climate scientists and industry stakeholders. There are good discussions of global warming and paleoclimate.
Science-Based Policy Advice This site contains links to documents created by the National Acadademy in response to congressional requests. The documents include contributions from experts representing various levels of government, the private sector, NGO's, and research and academic institutions. Be sure to determine what the National Academy of Sciences is and who they represent.
Resolving the Global Warming Debate A Scientific American story that discusses a new understanding of why the temperature trends measured on the earth's surface don't agree with the temperature of the troposphere, the level of the atmosphere where most of the weather takes place. (May 2004).
Reality Check The Debate is Over An environmental news magazine. Notice the change in rhetoric between the popular press and government information sources.
Is Arctic Ice Melting? Shifting the Global Warming debate This is an interesting site. There is loads of information and viewpoints on global warming here. Who are these guys? What viewpoint do they represent?
Global Warming Links This is a page of links to various sources of information on global warming
Risk analysis for climate change scenarios This is a worst case scenario for climate change. Recommended.
Abrupt Climate Change There are many online articles about abrupt climate change. Search on "Abrupt Climate Change" in Google.
Climate Change Impacts on the United States National Research Council report. A great source of information on impacts and consequences.
Carbon Emissions Trading links This s a page of links to information about carbon emissions trading
Kyoto Protocol A Primer on the Kyoto Protocol. A great brief summary.
Green Earth Society This site proposes that global warming will be good for us. Who are these folks? Who funds them? Are they credible? Why not email them and ask?
Links to contrary views Here are a bunch of links to contrary views on global warming. Are they backed up with scientific data? Are they current? What stakeholder has authored the discussion?