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The EarthExplorer application provides a complete, modular lesson about plate tectonics. This is a beta release version that includes only the data access and presentation capabilities. A list of the final features is below.

Learning goals:
  1. xxUnderstand the theory of plate tectonics and its role in shaping the surface of the Earth.
  2. Use real Earth data to explore the evidence that supports the theory.
  3. Use student selected evidence to make a scientific argument in support of the theory of plate tectonics.
Features in the beta version:
  1. Point and click access to a rich source of data that can be used to support the theory of plate tectonics.
  2. Data that can be accessed are: elevation, earthquakes, seafloor age, volcanoes, island ages, and heat flow. These data support investigations of plate boundaries, seafloor spreading rates, spreading rates from the movement of plates over hot spots, and others I haven't thought of.
  3. Data can be plotted in map and cross section views.
  4. See Overview Movie of Beta Version for a demonstration of the data access and edit module.
Features that will be in the release version(s):
  1. Slide show, animations and movies that explain the theory of plate tectonics.
  2. Multiple choice quizzes so students can self-test their understanding.
  3. Support for assembling and writing a scientific argument to support the theory of plate tectonics.
  4. For the teacher: support for efficient grading of student work and csv export of grades for import into a LMS.
  5. More, depending on demand.
Licensing is free to students and teachers.

Application download links:

Alert: On Macintosh, the first time you launch this program, you must hold down the control key, then double click the application icon.
On windows, try the same thing. Haven't tested it yet, but will as soon as I can. This note will be changed to reflect the results.


Macintosh Version Download (Click here)

Feedback requested. Also, if you request, I will notify you when new versions are available:

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William A. Prothero, PhD.
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